Monday, July 16, 2007

Not a bad apple, but a green one I'll admit!!

All of us make mistakes, ordinary citizens, professional politicians, and bureaucrats alike, the difference between ordinary citizens like me and the professional politicians and the bureaucrats like my opponent is that I admit my mistakes and set them straight.
Today on his website,
asks the question am I a "bad apple"?
In the interest of giving the voters all the facts, here is the complete exchange with Joe Monahan: His question and my answer.

hi p---emailers ask--what is with the apple computer on your campaign spending form?....a laptop or desktop? is that a reasonable expenditure--some liken it to pat lyons and his buying a truck with camapign funds that he would get to keep after the campaign--win or say? regards, J

Hi Joe, there is a regulation you should read:

"Page 9
Part E
Number 8
Communication Systems Purchase or lease of computers, telephone systems and other related communication devices used in campaign activities.
SECTION 8 (D) (1) - (6)"

As I was specifically directed by an Attorney for the City of Albuquerque, and as allowed in the Regulations above, I bought 2 computers and 2 printers for my campaign.
While completely legal, on reflection, I do not like the message this transaction could send, so the Campaign began the process of voiding the sale of these items on Saturday,
so that the Campaign can LEASE this equipment instead.

Thanks for the inquiry, but now can we talk about the issues that really matter to people, like how APS has allowed our schools to crumble?
Take care,

That is my statement in it's entirety, concerning the purchase of computer equipment.

In addition, I have decided, in the interest of allowing us all to focus on the REAL issues, that no individual who is related to me will receive any reimbursement for services rendered on behalf of this campaign, and I will account in detail for every penny of public funds spent to get our message out. I support Public Financing of Campaigns and oppose the kind of "gottcha" politics being engaged in by my opponent and the special interests who fund him.


Dave R said...

I'd rather a 'green apple' than the rotten apple City Councilor we have now.

Anonymous said...

old man Winter must be worried about young lady summer squeezing him out of his cushy seat.

Anonymous said...


Ignore the foolish critics; instead, pay attention to the respectable members of the media including those political pundits in the blog community (they will be fair and will represent the facts based on the evidence, we hope) and push forward in your campaign with integrity and perseverance.

Oh, and get rid of the weasels and insidious people that pretend to be your supporters (we all know now who they are now) and surround yourself with loyal and honest people. Get your message out to the good and wise people of your district via the 'legitimate' blogs, and of course, the normal channels of the 4th Estate!

From: Your loyal friends and supporters who will be happy to come out of the anonymous sphere of cyber on election day!

May the force of God be with you.

Isabelle said...

Well, we in the East Coast are observing and praying for you Paulette. Don't get suck into the dirty politics and take the high road.

Love your friends on the Right Coast...xox

Anonymous said...

AnoWe're proud of you, Paulette. You must be getting to them or they wouldn't be going after you so hard. Keep GOING !!!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the other site give us teh whole conversation, instead of just parts of it?

Wasn't the whole idea of the blogs that we'd get it all, without the media spoonfeeding us ?!?

gunsmoke said...

sounds like the wild wild west show. winter must be really desperate to be leaking picayune purchase...sheesh...come's a legit purchase. pick on real issues that matter to the everyday people. what did he expect her to do? if she didn't win the election, the computer still belongs to the city hall.

Team "Get Rid of Miss S" said...

get rid of that ghost consultant and witch that spread around that nasty email about you. evidently, she is working for the opposition. she is malevolent,mean-spirited and is insulting to women every where. we'll be more than happy to confront her for you when you come to your senses. send her this link and let her know all the people that got that malicious email ridiculing you...this woman "S" is EVIL.

Joe Taxpayer said...

Hi Paulette,

I am one of the people that donated $5 toward clean elections for municipal candidates. I also spoke to you several days ago when you were out doing public relations and campaigning door-to-door.

I don't think you should feel bad about the computer purchase. The blogs leave out a lot of information. This is how they control the votes.

I left a comment on the "EYE" blog because I feel that are one-sided and will distort the truth and it may adversely affect your campaign. Here are my comments concerning Joe Monahan's blog about your computer purchase. The Eye is not as credible as Monhan's blog. My comments were left on the former's blog:

Tax Payer said...
De Pascal's opposition is grasping at straws and appear to be very desperate if they are picking on her over a messy divorce. And, if you read Joe Monahan's blog, it appears Team Desperado is now picking on De Pascal over computer purchase using campaign financing. Let's see, she purchased two apple computers and two printers to aid her in running her campaign operations...wise choice to me. Since the items were purchased with campaign funding, I'm sure De Pascal will continue to use the equipment when she kicks Winter out of office. If she loses the election, she can donate it to charity,schools, etc.

I happen to be one of the people who gave her $5 toward the public funding of her campaign and I do not believe that with all the scrutiny surrounding her bankruptcy and finances that she is going to run off with the equipment if she loses the election. puhplease people lighten up!

July 17, 2007 11:48:00 AM MDT

Joe TaxPayer for Clean Elections

Robert Mackay said...

I think you need to get new advisors. You are making a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided. For example, who the heck told you to buy the computers versus leasing them? Who is your campaign manager? Shoot him or her. And for goodness sake, any more green apple mistakes as it relates to public funding of your campaign, get the voters involved and inform them of your intent AND provide thorough explanations instead of relying on the blogs that report only partial information. Use the darn print and TV media to your advantage. Good luck. You are going to need it with the dirty, desperate politician you are running against.

Robert Mackay

Anonymous said...

be like the warriors and get aggressive girl. your opponnet may have planted spies in the disguise of sheep's clothing. purge, purge, purge. don't take the negative campaigning style of your compeititor lying down. ROAR.

better to live 100 years as a lioness than one damn year as a sheep.

What are you going to do for us? said...

Tell us what you are going to do for the average, working class people struggling to get by on barely minimum wage?

Anonymous said...

go Paulette!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. oooh. Sorry! Here is a Quote from Paulette de'Pascal "I was specifically directed by an Attorney for the City of Albuqueruque." You mean the same City Attorney office that is gonna get the law handed to them on two cases. 1. Red Light Camera program will be a done deal once the class action case is done. The same City Attorney office that thought that program was sound. 2. Regensburg v. City of Albuquerque. How much is the Regensburg case gonna cost us tax payers? Please Ms. de'Pascal don't try and spin the whole "I went to the City Attorneys office for advice" on us they are City Attorneys for a reason. If you wanna run a sound, clean, campaign distance yourself from anyone who is involved with the city currently and do it on your own merrit. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

re: the poster above..."PERIOD?"

does that sound familiar Paulette? Sounds like a tyrannical, demanding, rude, condescending, double backstabbing woman that we all know and love (yeah right!).

Anonymous said...

Hey Paulette by the time you realize that you have made a huge mistake by having Greg (I was not drunk) Payne, and Marty (the wife beater) in your corner it will be too late. So go ahead and make as many mistakes as you want it doesn't matter anyway. Just a thought from a registered voter that actually votes.

Anonymous said...

To two post up. PERIOD. The question was asked. How much are the two stated cases gonna cost us? You act as if you have insight as to what is going on in city hall. I think the poster was right she should distance herself as far away from Payne, and Marty as possible they may become polictical liabilities to her.

Anonymous said...

Jim Villanucci just sank your ship today Paulette. If you want to save face you should come clean and admit that Payne was helping you and claim ignorance. The voter's can not and will not be fooled. Not to sound cliche but the Truth will set you free. You do not need Payne/Marty. The voter's are searching for fresh faces and the truth. At this point what do you have to lose?

Anonymous said...

Yes or No? Were you involved in a altercation in the Round House in Santa Fe? Has J. Daskalos donated to your campaign?

Anonymous said...

After today reading the email that was sent to Ms de'Pascal you know it's not "her" response but that of someone else... shame.. she had my vote but no longer what a sham.. what can I say .. I believed in truth and justice but not now...

i know said...

the two nut jobs were supposedly helping her...but not now....she fired their sorry asses

Don-n-ABQ said...

Paulette de'Pascal

If you can't afford a computer, or you have to file for personal bankruptcy, if you can't handle your own money, why should we trust you with our money?

And don’t blame it on someone else, Bernie Ebbers, or Ken Lay… If you didn’t know what was going on, you should have. If you can’t be fiscally responsible as an adult, then you don’t need to manage anyone else’s money. Cut out the Starbuck’s, the Manolo Blahnik’s, the Christian Louboutin’s, and the Jimmy Choo’s.

I am sorry, but money management 101 should be a pre-requisite for any public job.