Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Signature Phase of Nominating Petitions

Well, all of the City Council races are in the Nominating Petition Phase of the election.
In District 4, I need to turn in 2% of the registered voters signatures.

That equates to approximately 700 signatures, these must be accurate.
If there is no middle initial on your voter registration card, then your signature will not count if you put your initial on the nominating petition signature page.
Likewise, if you have a middle initial on your voter registration card, and you do not put it on the nominating petition signature page, then it will not be valid either.
Please be aware of that while you are signing, we want all of your signatures to count.
I'm happy that so many of you are supporting this effort to place my name on the ballot.

It's been in the high 90's and even 100 degrees while we are out gathering these signatures and I want to thank all of those, who have been so kind to invite us inside, offer us food, and give us water to stay hydrated.
The residents of District 4 are generous, kind, compassionate, and caring people, and I look to serve you well in the near future.

We are very close to our goal right now, and it's because of your continued desire to support me as I fill the requirements of being on the ballot.
Thank you so much.

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Amy Harris said...

Hey, hows it going? You never answered my email.