Sunday, June 10, 2007

Death of a Hero all around us

We all are touched by the loss of someone we know, or someone that we know - who knows someone that lost a loved one in this War.
This week we will say goodbye to another soldier, James Akin, from Albuquerque.
The photo below is of my boys, myself, the driver (also older brother of one rider) and the 3 young men, Richard, Sean and James, that are riding bicycles across America to raise funds for the education of the children, of Special Op's, soldiers killed in Iraq.
I had the pleasure of meeting with these fine young men, twice this week in our City and they are indeed wonderful.
Strong and brave not unlike those that are at installations throughout the world. They are making a difference as they take this trip, they touch people along the way, and in the long run, will have created the ability for the children of those that served and died for us, to go to college. I am thankful for their initiative and I hope that those who read this blog, will take the time to go to theirs as well.
Thank you,
Paulette de'Pascal

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