Monday, July 16, 2007

Not a bad apple, but a green one I'll admit!!

All of us make mistakes, ordinary citizens, professional politicians, and bureaucrats alike, the difference between ordinary citizens like me and the professional politicians and the bureaucrats like my opponent is that I admit my mistakes and set them straight.
Today on his website,
asks the question am I a "bad apple"?
In the interest of giving the voters all the facts, here is the complete exchange with Joe Monahan: His question and my answer.

hi p---emailers ask--what is with the apple computer on your campaign spending form?....a laptop or desktop? is that a reasonable expenditure--some liken it to pat lyons and his buying a truck with camapign funds that he would get to keep after the campaign--win or say? regards, J

Hi Joe, there is a regulation you should read:

"Page 9
Part E
Number 8
Communication Systems Purchase or lease of computers, telephone systems and other related communication devices used in campaign activities.
SECTION 8 (D) (1) - (6)"

As I was specifically directed by an Attorney for the City of Albuquerque, and as allowed in the Regulations above, I bought 2 computers and 2 printers for my campaign.
While completely legal, on reflection, I do not like the message this transaction could send, so the Campaign began the process of voiding the sale of these items on Saturday,
so that the Campaign can LEASE this equipment instead.

Thanks for the inquiry, but now can we talk about the issues that really matter to people, like how APS has allowed our schools to crumble?
Take care,

That is my statement in it's entirety, concerning the purchase of computer equipment.

In addition, I have decided, in the interest of allowing us all to focus on the REAL issues, that no individual who is related to me will receive any reimbursement for services rendered on behalf of this campaign, and I will account in detail for every penny of public funds spent to get our message out. I support Public Financing of Campaigns and oppose the kind of "gottcha" politics being engaged in by my opponent and the special interests who fund him.