Monday, June 4, 2007

Qualified Candidate

Thank you all for supporting the Qualifying Contribution Signature process that enabled me to become eligible for Public Financing.
YES!!! A first in the history of Albuquerque. That's wonderful. That's huge. That's what our District 4 Voters did. WE Qualified. We did it!!! WE.

We can now work as a team toward a more open and ethical election system in our city.
The Campaign is focused on Nominating Petition Signatures that must be collected before the end of July and we need 2% of the Registered Voters in District 4 to sign.
We can do this. It's not hard, it's actually the hightlight of my day, to knock on a door and get to meet, face to face, someone that lives in our District - that I didn't know before, that becomes a part of the big family that we are becoming. It takes a village...remember that?

Once this is done it will complete the requirement to be placed on the ballot.
It is a wonderful thing to be given the privilege to represent you as your Candidate.

For those of you who are wishing to volunteer, we will do our best to co-ordinate our time with your valuable time, and maximize both.
As a reminder, the door for donations closed as of May 31, 2007. I can not accept any donations of money, or in-kind, as a Publicly Financed Candidate. Please feel free to continue to call and write me with your thoughts, I do welcome them, and will look for ways to assist you.
Until then, be well,

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