Friday, July 20, 2007

Elect a Councilor who WANTS the Job

While my opponent has been trying to distract the voters with a silly email sent by someone who wanted to be a part of this campaign, and was trying to enlist more aid, (Do the voters really care about who works on a campaign?) the real issues are on the front page of our widely read newspaper. One blogger asked where is the news, well, they are doing their job, reporting the facts, here they are.

Readers of yesterday morning’s ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL found out that our incumbent Councilor doesn’t want to represent us on the City Council; what he REALLY wants is to be the highest-paid Superintendent of Schools in New Mexico. No wonder. Why worry about parks and potholes representing your neighbors on City Council, when there’s a $193,000 paycheck waiting for him in the Superintendent of Schools’ office?
Trouble is, we’ve got some serious problems here in the City of Albuquerque: the schools are crumbling (largely because of my opponent’s negligence as an administrator for APS); people are afraid in their homes; there are too few places for our kids to play; and our neighbors are having a difficult time making ends meet because they tell me their taxes are too high.
In times like these, we need – we deserve – a Councilor who is seriously committed to doing the job – not a job-seeker. In just this Term, our incumbent has sought to run for Mayor, and now he’s looking to become Schools Superintendent. At the same time, he says he wants our support for City Council.
With all due respect, sir: make up your mind. Meanwhile, I hope the voters are making up theirs.

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